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Bosco De Medici
Hotel Diana Pompei
The Palomba family has been in the hospitality business for three generations.

Over the years we have been able to develop an improve our range of accommodations, by running a little family business to the current management of three high level Hotels.

Two of these are in the centre of Pompeii and regularly host both a business and leisure/cultural clientele.

That's to say the Hotel Diana and Diana Accommodation.

The third property, opened in 2016, is a four-star Resort, designed especially for families who wish to enjoy nature and tranquility and for all lovers of wellness to be enjoyed in one of our suites with Jacuzzi and chromo-therapy.

With great dedication and youthful enthusiasm the four partners united by the bond of brotherhood manage the Hotels, also helped by the mother Anna and the father Gaetano and by Grandma Emiddia who in the late 1977 started the hotel business with their grandfather Raffaele.

The family has always stood out for the authenticity and passion for hospitality. The grandma keeps in the drawer, with great pride, hundreds of cards and thank you notes from all over the world. We like to treat our guests as friends.

It is given utmost attention to cleanliness and order as well as to the care of the citrus garden, under the careful guidance of mother Anna, a true lover of plants and flowers.

The Grand Master is the father Gaetano who, with his constant presence and expertise, guarantees the solution to all sorts of technical problems.

The daughters Emiddia, Sonia, Raffaella and the son Giuseppe speak different languages learned abroad and are always present and ready to provide their professionalism and ensure the efficiency of management.

In recent years the family, and in particular the youngest son Giuseppe, is engaged in the production of local wines, from the vineyards of Grandpa Raffaele, on the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius. Thanks to their particular exposure to the sun and the fertile volcanic soil the wines are truly excellent. We invite you to taste some, maybe sitting in the shade of the lemon and orange trees.

All guests will also have a chance to visit the property of the family behind the Cathedral, dedicated to equestrian sport. Therefore you can spend free time in contact with nature, horses and ponies of the stable. And it's right here were in 2016 the Bosco de' Medici Resort was created following the extensive renovation (by the younger brother Giuseppe) of grandfather Raffaele's farm. Right here, in this quiet natural park were the family used to spend week-ends and summer holidays, sharing together with friends pic-nics, horse-back riding and wine harvests.

It's in the harmony with such spirit that the family wishes to offer to those who are looking for peace and quietness a new typology of accommodation, right in the heart of the second most visited cultural site in Italy.
Hotel Diana Pompei
Hotel Diana
vicolo Sant'Abbondio, 12
80045 - Pompei (Na)
Tel.: (+39) 0818631264
Fax: (+39) 0662209388
e.mail: info@pompeihotel.com
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Bosco De' Medici - Resort
Via A. Segni, 43
80045 - Pompei (Na)
Tel.: (+39) 0818506463
Fax: (+39) 0810100713
e.mail: info@boscodemedici.it

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The "Great Pompeii Project", funded 75% by the EU and 25% by national funds, has brought to light three new buildings that can be visited since December 23rd: the Domus and Botteghe, the open-air Triclinium and the House of the flowered Lararium. The Domus and Botteghe is the typical "home - shop": the rooms facing the street used for commercial use and the residential area on a courtyard discovered with a tricino masonry and a portico from which you can access the most noble environments. The decorations of the rooms are in IV Pompeian style, which at the time of the eruption of 79 a.C. they were being redone. The open-air Triclinium outdoors has a more modest character, with limited spaces but with a large area dedicated to the garden today planted with vines, as it was before the eruption. Right in the vineyard is the summer triclinium, the dining room, with two niche fountains covered with glass paste mosaics, pumice and shells. The access to Via della Palestra was probably a sort of tavern for the Amphitheater visitors. The House of the flowered Lararium, on the other hand, was founded by the unification of two independent houses, probably to respond to a function also commercial, or in any case public due to the electoral inscriptions present in one of the rooms. In this large house are preserved original paintings, including the decoration of the great hall, the Oecus, overlooking the garden, with mythological squares in the center of yellow ocher panels. The Lararium was intended for domestic worship and is decorated with flying cupids and scattered flowers. Following are the words of the Minister of Heritage and Cultural Activities and Tourism, which cut the tapes to buildings: "Pompeii is the symbol of a story of redemption and rebirth - said Minister Dario Franceschini - made possible by long work and silent with all the professionalism of the cultural assets that have contributed, with their commitment, to the extraordinary results that are there for all to see ".